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DC Chargers - Split System

Dynamic power allocation for fast charging.

Gen 4 Public Dispenser

Simultaneous DC Charging Capability

High-power system with simultaneous output to both connectors for a smaller footprint. Future-proof your investment with the modular systems allows for upgrading in the future, dynamic power sharing, and max 1,000 VDC to provide fast charging in less time.


Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser

Simultaneous & Sequential Fleet Charging Capability

Designed for the fleet customers, a high-powered system with sequential & simultaneous output to both dispensers. Fleets can hands-free charge up to eight vehicles overnight paired with the 360 kW Power Cabinet.


Gen 4 360 kW Power Cabinet

Dual Output Gen 4 HPC Distributed System

Designed to reduce both time and complexity to install and service. Smaller footprint allows customers to more efficiently use their valuable space, creating a more profitable use of space for parking.