Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser

Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser


Charge Eight Cars at Once!

Designed for the fleet customer in mind with sequential charging available at the dispenser level. With two vehicles plugged into one dispenser, the second vehicle begins charging after the first vehicle is complete. This offers the ability of up to eight vehicles being charged unattended on a single 360 kW Power Cabinet with a four-dispenser system.


  • 950 Max DC Voltage
  • Sequential charging for a hands-free fleet operation
  • Charge 8 cars from 1 power cabinet
  • CC, RFID, Plug N Charge Capable
  • Single or Dual CCS1


Charge Eight Vehicles Unattended

With the four-channel system, fleets can now charge up to eight vehicles unattended at a time with sequential charging. With uptimes being crucial in a fleet environment, this ensures maximum charging for optimal vehicle usage. Up to four vehicles will charge simultaneously on a four-channel system, while up to four will sit in queue and charge sequentially, allowing up to eight vehicles to charge unattended.


Customize your installation with the Gen 4 360 kW Power Cabinet with a 4 Channel Output

The Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser is designed for use with the Gen 4 360 kW power cabinet. Options include a 2 dispenser or 4 dispenser system. Take advantage of the Dynamic Power Allocation improved through the compatibility of the Gen 4 Power cabinet. Customized design allows for multiple dispensers to hook up with one power cabinet. Contact the sales engineers at BTC POWER to get the right configuration for your location.

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