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Gen 4 360 kW Power Cabinet

Gen 4 360 kW Power Cabinet

Introducing BTC POWER’s Gen 4 360kW Power Cabinet. This is part of the modular, flexible, efficient, and highly serviceable Gen 4 split system Product Line. Paired with a dispenser this power cabinet has the ability to output up to 360kW to a single vehicle. BTC POWER’s was the industry first with Dynamic Power Allocation (ability to share power across multiple output simultaneously) and had improved this capability with the Gen 4 Power Cabinet. With Class leading size and power density our Gen 4 Power Cabinet can turn any space into a High Power Charging Station.


  • Simultaneous Charging Utilizing Dynamic Power • Allocation Technology
  • Up to 360kW
  • Up to 500A Max Current per Output (2x 500A simultaneously)
  • Wide output Voltage Range 200-950VDC
  • Pair(s) with Dispenser for multiple different flexible system configurations
  • NEVI Compliant configurations available