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L2 30-40 Amp Dual Port

L2 EV charging station with dual ports

L2 30-40 Amp Dual Port

BTC Power’s AC-Level 2 product family is certified according to the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP, Cert-#: 5890-21). Our EVSE supports authentication via RFID or Credit Card, mobile payment methods like QR-Code or app. Our systems also allow for Multi-tiered energy pricing (time-of-use tariffs) and multi-tiered parking pricing for currents up to 40A, which allows ultimate freedom in choosing the right pricing strategy for each use case. Our AC Level 2 EVSE come fully calibrated, tested and sealed, ready for installation for commercial purposes (certain RSA activities may need to be performed). Available in pedestal or wall mount style.


  • Dual Ports are rated for 30 / 40 Amps (each)
  • SAE J1772 Charging Protocol
  • NEMA 3R Housing
  • 7" Color LCD Screen
  • RFID, Credit Card
  • Wall or pedestal available


L2 commercial EV chargers