100 kW DC Fast Charger

Power Rating 100 kW
Dual Port Charging Topology 100 kW Single Output or 50 kW Parallel Output
Connector  SAE J1772 Combo CCS1 CHAdeMO
Max Current 200 A 200 A
Max Voltage 50 - 920V 50 - 500V
Efficiency Rating > 92%
Network Compatibility OCPP 1.5/1.6, BTCP Network
Input Power [email protected]
Input Power AC Current (FLA) 132 A
Dimension 38”W x 30”D x 82”H
Weight 1,350 lbs
Ambient Condition -30 °C to +50 °C, 95% Humidity Non-Condensing, 6000 ft Altitude, NEMA 3R
Safety Compliance  ETL Listed for USA and Canada; Complies with UL 2202, UL 2231 UL50E, NEC Article 625, CSA STD C22.2 No. 107.1, FCC Part 15 Class A

Fun Facts about EV

Battery electric cars are up to 80% efficient. A comparable gasoline powered car efficiency is 26% at best and could be as low as 14%. A significant contributor to battery electric cars efficiency is from the regenerative braking system. Regenerative braking can return up to 50% of what could have been wasted braking energy to the battery.

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