Modular Level4 DCFC: 100,150,200 KW
Single Dispenser System

Power Engine Cabinet Model EVP-FC100 EVP-FC150 EVP-FC200
Power Rating 100 KW 150 KW 200 KW
# of Power Engines 2 3 4
Input Power 480VAC-3P@120A 480VAC-3P@180A 480VAC-3P@240A
Input Power Breaker 3 phase x 200A 3 phase x 250A 3 phase x 300A
Efficiency Rating >95%
Max. Out DC Current (1KV) 126A 189A 250A
Max. Out DC Current (.5KV) 250A 378A 500A
Max. Output DC Voltage 50-1000VDC
Dimension // Weight 42“W x 36”D x 82“H: 900/1100/1200 lbs

350 KW Rated Dispenser EVDSP-FC-350-001
Power Rating 350kW
Connectors SAE CCS-1 Water Cooled & CHAdeMO
Network OCPP 1.5/1.6, EVConnect, GreenLots, EVGo, BTCPower
Output Power 350KW Max
Input Power 350KW Max
Efficiency Rating >99%
Max. Output DC Current CCS1: 500A || CHAdeMO: 250A
Max. Output DC Voltage 50-1000 VDC
Plug-Out Detection Power terminated per SAE J1772 or CHAdeMO
Dimension // Weight 22“W x 12”D x 97“H // 600 lbs

Environmental and Compliance
Ambient Condition -20°C to +50°C, 95% humidity, 6000ft altitude. NEMA 4
Safety Compliance ETL Listed for USA & Canada; Complies with UL 2594 UL 2231-1, UL2231-2, NEC Article 625, ADA Compliant


Battery electric cars are up to 80% efficient. A comparable gasoline powered car efficiency is 26% at best and could be as low as 14%. A significant contributor to battery electric cars efficiency is from the regenerative braking system. Regenerative braking can return up to 50% of what could have been wasted braking energy to the battery.

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